Six New Members Have joined Sanabel Network in 2023.

six new members have joined Sanabel network from four different countries AlKurimi Bank ,Tamweely Microfinance, Bank Al-IBDAA Pour la Microfinance (Mauritania) ,Tasaheel Finance,Al - Ibdaa bank for microfinance(Syria) and Bedayti for Finance Enterprise Services.

AlKurimi Islamic Microfinance Bank (Yemen), it was established in 2010 with a license from central bank of Yemen, the bank main purpose is to reinforce the importance of playing a very active role in enhancing the country’s economic status in the field of savings and financing plus other financial services. The bank also accept all kinds of deposits and invest the deposits in so many fields in complete compliance with the Islamic Sharia'a. They have now more than 100 branches all over Yemen and they are one of the pioneers of the sector, Alkurimi bank have the largest number of clients and portfolio all over Yemen.

Tamweely Microfinance (Egypt), it was established in 2017 and they have made a breakthrough in the Egyptian market with a 140 branches all over Egypt, with more than 131,000 active borrowers and portfolio exceeded 2.2 billion EGP in 2022, also in 2022 Tamweely won two awards from international finance for the best microfinance company in the field of microfinance in Egypt for the year and another one for the fastest growing company in the field of microfinance in Egypt for the year 2022.

Bank Al-IBDAA Pour la Microfinance ( Mauritania), it was established in 2017 it’s a partnership between the Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND) and the Mauritanian state through the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development and local and foreign private partners, with a mission to support Mauritanian state in implementing its national strategy aimed at combating poverty and unemployment and improving the economic and social living conditions of low-income families in Mauritania, by giving priority to women and youth, by providing financial services.

Tasaheel Finance (Egypt) , leaders of the private sector in Egypt with the biggest market share, Tasaheel vision is to spread and support financial inclusion and leadership all over Egypt for business owners and projects, and providing quick solutions with the easiest procedures. Tasaheel have more than 500 branches all over Egypt.

Al - Ibdaa bank for microfinance (Syria), it was established in 2011 under supervision of the central bank as the first microfinance bank in the Syrian Arab republic with around 10 branches / offices. The bank was established as partnership between the Arab Gulf Program for development (AGFUND) as a strategic partner as part of its initiative to establish banks for the poor people and with group of businessmen that interest in social responsibility to improve and enhance the financial inclusion.

Bedayti for Finance Enterprise Services (Egypt), it was established in 2021 as one of the projects of the Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding Company, with a capital of 75 million pounds, within the framework of Egypt state plan to enhance financial inclusion and Creating new job opportunities by financing micro-enterprises and raising their efficiency in all governorates and cities of the Republic, especially in areas that are not covered by the banking sector.