Board of Directors

o The General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all network members. The Executive Director or his/her deputy represents MFIs members. Voting rights within the General Assembly are limited to Full Members. Affiliates and Friends of Sanabel have voice privileges. For more information on membership, please visit the "Membership section".

The General Assembly meets annually and the meeting agenda consists of:       

▪ Discuss and approve the Board of Directors annual Administrative and Financial report on the network’s operations, activities and financial status during the previous fiscal year.

▪ Approve an external auditor (the auditor is not to be contracted for more than three years consecutive).

▪ Elect members of the Board of Directors.

▪ Discuss and decide on issues included in the agenda or related to the network.

□ Decisions of the General Assembly are approved by a simple majority vote, except for the decisions concerning the network bylaws, which require a two-thirds majority vote.

o Board of Directors

 Board of Directors is elected once every two years by the General assembly.  The Board consists of 7 members who meet at least once a year in person in addition to the scheduled meeting during the annual conference.

Selection process:

• Nominations for the Board start one month prior to the General Assembly meeting and ends 15 days before the General Assembly meeting.  

• A maximum number of 2 members from the same country are eligible to serve simultaneously.  

• Members service terms should not exceed 2 consecutive cycles. 

• Members can be re-elected for a 3rd cycle, with at least one election cycle interval.


Sanabel's Current Board of Directors:

Bassem Khanfar



Mohamed Zamandar


Vice Chairman

Adel Balla



Rasha Qawasmi


Board Member

Hicham Kharrou


Board Member

Hassan Faried


Board Member