Other Publications

Citi - Sanabel Microentrepreneurship Awards Program

The objective of the Citi Micro Entrepreneurs Award is to acknowledge and promote the effective role of microfinance in alleviating poverty worldwide.
The awards recognize individual micro entrepreneurs for their extraordinary contributions in gaining self-sufficiency for their families and for their

The Award is launched in Egypt under a joint initiative between the Citi Foundation and Sanabel, as Citi Foundation's local partner in Egypt.

CGAP - Sanabel MENA Update Newsletter

The MENA Update Newsletter aims at sharing information about funders’ activities in the microfinance sector, upcoming events and projects in the Arab region in order to facilitate coordination and exchange.

The Newsletter is now published under a joint cooperation between Sanabel and CGAP.

Revolutions and Uprisings of the Arab World: Crisis Management and Planning for the Future

Sanabel released the report of the ‘Revolutions and Uprisings of the Arab World: Crisis Management and Planning for the Future’ Workshop which was organized in Cairo, on November 20 – 21, 2011, in response to members need to explore and discuss the best ways of risk management, particularly political risks, as well as the consequential financial challenges at the regional level. Furthermore, the need to devise action plans, with an emphasis being placed on the best ways to address the financial status faced by the microfinance institutions (MFIs) within the region.

Downlaod the report